Back-up & Disaster Recovery

Compugear provides a back-up and disaster recovery service for small and medium sized businesses. Our back-up and disaster recovery specialists ensure business continuity in the event of a loss of data initiated by a natural disaster or malicious intent. At Compugear, we ensure, in the unfortunate event of disaster, that small and medium sized businesses can recover from a disaster quickly and effectively in accordance with their specific requirements and business practices.

Our back-up and disaster recovery service includes, but is not limited to:

Planning and design
Dedicated Disaster Recovery Infrastructure (Physical and Virtual)
Network recovery
On-site data replication
Off-site data back-up
Workplace recovery (Virtual)
Validation and testing


If you would like further information about our back-up and disaster recovery service and / or you would like to discuss your specific requirements with a member of our team for detailed pricing information please contact us.

Contact us now. E-mail or call us on 01483 937420

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